Independent Researcher



Queerness is intrinsically tentacular. I’m a nonbinary practitioner; tentacularity is vital to how I understand the world. As a transdisciplinary artist and scholar, my work exists at the intersection of art, ecology, and history. 

I strive to exist in the sublime. Place-making is critical: I am an investigator and a documentarian interested in how we navigate our spheres.  

1. My 9-5 is with an engineering firm
2. I find joy volunteering at Pullman National Historical Park via the Historic Pullman Foundation 
3. Nothing is connected to everything; everything is connected to something. 🐛️


︎UV texture maps 

1.  Bog
2. Old Growth Forest
3. Forb
4. Riverbank in Winter 
5. Urban Telephone Pole

The Vexillum for the Anthropocene

︎Lobster Mushroom Dye, Wool, and Linen bind this Vexillum with strength. 


︎(natural decomposition igniting): it shimmers, it’s otherworldly, but it’s also explainable. Embrace the sublime, the unknown, follow that light into the marsh.

1.  Arrival
2. Shimmer
3. The Carillon

Chemical Viewfinders

︎How do you view contamination when it’s underground?