Queerness is intrinsically tentacular. I’m a nonbinary practitioner; tentacularity is vital to how I understand the world. As a transdisciplinary artist and scholar, my work exists at the intersection of art, ecology, and history.

I’m a weaver of information, creating things that are textural, physical, and felt, that have heft and physicality, that provide weight and comfort and care. 

Since my mom’s death in November 2019, I have been in a state of interregnum, a transition period marked by significant personal and professional change and exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic and my struggle with depression. Still, it has also allowed me to actively unmask as a neurodivergent individual and shift toward my core self. 

I strive to exist in the sublime. Place-making is critical: I am an investigator and a documentarian interested in how we navigate our spheres.

1. My 9-5 is with an engineering firm
2. I find joy volunteering at Pullman National Historical Park via the Historic Pullman Foundation 
3. Nothing is connected to everything; everything is connected to something. 🐛️